Making customer research accessible to all businesses

Save money on agency fees without compromising on the quality of your insights

As a business you know you should be doing market research with your customers.

A good customer survey can help you: 

  • increase customer numbers, by helping you better target your marketing strategy and helping you match your offering to what people really want 

  • increase repeat customers, by giving you the information you need to improve customer experience and loyalty

  • increase positive online reviews, and decrease negative ones

But where do you find the time? Or the money?

OrangeSheep Research is here to help. I can run your customer survey for you for a fraction of the price of using an agency, with no compromise on the quality of the results.


As an independent consultant I do not have the overheads of an agency so can charge a lower hourly rate. So you get the benefit of my extensive (12 years and counting) experience and know-how for a bargain price. I work on a fully flexible basis so if you want to save money further by taking some of the tasks on the survey in-house I can accommodate and support you to do that.  And if you want to train your team up to run all of your research yourself, I can help with that too!