I set up OrangeSheep Research because I believe that:

 Market research is vital to the success of every business

Be it identifying ways to improve your services, testing new product concepts or measuring brand awareness and perceptions, good research should be central to all business decisions to ensure energy is focused on the most profitable activities and to reduce the risks involved in business investment.

Good quality research is within reach of every business, regardless of their budget

The rise of DIY survey tools and social media mean low cost research is now very easy to carry out…however it is also very easy to get wrong!  Good research engages customers, strengthening your relationship with them, as well as generating reliable insights on which to base business decisions.  Poor quality research on the other hand risks alienating customers and leads to misinformed business decisions that could harm the business.

 OrangeSheep Research can help you ensure your surveys get you the information you need to inform your business decisions

I offer flexible support tailored to your own needs, whether you want me to run your whole survey from start to finish using one of our package deals or whether you just want support with ad-hoc tasks on specific projects (such as reviewing a questionnaire, conducting interviews or producing survey outputs). I also offer training sessions for your internal team to teach them to design and implement a research strategy that will get you the answers your business needs. Whichever service you choose, I will help you avoid common pitfalls that could jeopardise the validity of your findings and support you in creating high quality, reliable and engaging research. What's more, pricing is completely transparent to allow for easy budgeting.

Through the blog on this website I also offer tips and information on designing, running, analysing and reporting on surveys and other forms of research, helping to demystify the process and explaining the jargon.

So why not browse the site and the blog for tips, follow me on twitter (@orangesheepres) and let me know if you have any burning questions you would like to see a blog post about. If you would like to discuss your requirements further please use the "Contact us" page to get in touch. 

(Oh and why OrangeSheep? I’d love to give you a deep and meaningful reason about not just following the crowd but doing things your own way, and that would make sense, but to be honest it’s just that orange is my favourite colour and I think the sheep is cute!)