Who is Katie Spreadbury?

Hi, I’m Katie Spreadbury, and I am OrangeSheep Research

Katie the Researcher:

Over a 12-year career in market research I have seen first-hand what a powerful tool it can be for business when done well, and I have made it my mission to make these benefits accessible to every business, whatever their budget and experience.

I have spent my career designing, running and reporting research projects using a wide range of methodologies – quantitative and qualitative, online, telephone and face-to-face, interviewing businesses, consumers, stakeholders, employers, employees and the general public. I have evaluated the pros and cons of each approach, and how they can integrate to give powerful insights. I have also spent a fair amount of time passing on these skills to other researchers: at my most recent agency role I was responsible for the design and delivery of the research team’s training programme, and I have also run training days for clients to help them interpret datasets to run their own analyses.

It is this experience and these skills that I bring to you through OrangeSheep Research. I believe it is within every business’s interests to conduct research, and I am here to provide cost effective support to guide you through the process, help you avoid the common and less-common pitfalls and ultimately make sure your research provides you with the information you need to inform your business decisions.

Katie the Person:

Away from research I'm mum to a crazy toddler, so I’m reading a lot about child development at the moment and am always on the lookout for healthy, low-salt, low-sugar recipes I can cook for my boy. I am also very tempted to add "building things out of duplo" to my skill set on my LinkedIn profile! When I manage to get some time for myself I love to go for a run, listen to music that isn't nursery rhymes, catch up with current affairs or watch sport. And on the even rarer occasions I get to have a night out I enjoy Chinese food, live comedy and craft beer.

Why not follow me on twitter (@orangesheepres), connect with me on LinkedIn or use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch. I look forward to discussing your research plans and seeing how I can help you!