OrangeSheep Research can help with any aspect of the design, implementation and analysis of your research project. The table below shows some examples of the sorts of tasks this might involve, but it is not exhaustive so if you think you have something that doesn’t appear on the list please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements – no job is too small so please don’t be afraid to ask.

All jobs vary so it is impossible to provide a definitive price list but I have provided sample costings below to give you an idea and help you budget. More complicated surveys will attract higher fees simply as they will take longer to do the work; factors that affect this include the length of the survey, the number of different routes through the questionnaire, whether quota targets for how many responses you want from different groups are required and the level of analysis you want in the reporting.

I work on a principle of transparent pricing, which means at the beginning of the project I will estimate how much time it will take and therefore what the cost will be and we stick to that figure*. When you weigh up the investment required compared to the value of the findings to business decisions and the risks associated with conducting poor quality research I believe this represents very good value for money!

*with the caveat that if the parameters of the project change and you require more from me than originally agreed I will raise this immediately and allow you to decide whether to make the additional investment.