A good customer survey can help you:

Increase customer numbers
Learning who your customers are and what they like will help you better target your marketing strategy and help you match your offering to what people really want. 
Increase repeat custom
Engage your customers by asking for their feedback, and the views they share with you will give you the information you need to improve their experience and loyalty.
Increase positive reviews
Increasing the number of happy, loyal customers you have will in turn increase the number of positive reviews you get.

But where do you find the time? Or the money?

OrangeSheep Research is here to help. I can run your customer survey for you for a fraction of the price of using an agency, with no compromise on the quality of the results.

I can save you time
I can run your project for you with as much or little input from your team as you like. Want to DIY? Great! There are a multitude of online tools to help you do just that. But sometimes internal resources can be a barrier; I can help with ad-hoc elements of a survey as well to keep your project moving.
I can save you money
As an independent consultant I do not have the overheads of an agency so can charge a lower hourly rate. So you get the benefit of my extensive (14 years and counting) experience and know-how for a bargain price.
I will get you the insight you need
I can help you with any aspect of the design, implementation and analysis of your research project. My extensive experience and expertise means you can rest easy knowing your project is in safe hands.