Customer Survey (Package Deal)


A good customer survey can help you:

– increase customer numbers, by helping you better target your marketing strategy and helping you match your offering to what people really want

– increase repeat customers, by giving you the information you need to improve customer experience and loyalty

– increase positive online reviews, and decrease negative ones

It’s not just about finding out how happy your customers are with you. You can use the survey to identify areas where services can be improved, profile your customers to see who is buying from you and why, discover how your customers see you and whether your brand values are being communicated effectively…your survey can focus in on the areas that are important to YOU and to YOUR BUSINESS.

For this all-in-one price you will get:

– an initial consultation where we set your survey objectives, by looking at your business needs and understanding your brand values and current customer relationships

– a bespoke questionnaire of up to 10 questions, designed to engage customers and maximise response: short and snappy, it will flow nicely and be written in a way that is easy for your customers to respond to

– the questionnaire programmed into your preferred DIY survey tool (if you do not use one currently I can arrange this at cost price, around £25)

– survey invitation and reminder text written

– check of your customer email list, removing duplicates to avoid annoying customers with multiple invitations

– project management – monitoring fieldwork progress, keeping you updated, and administering a prize draw to encourage participation

– a data file from the survey software

– a short summary report including actionable recommendations.

All we need from you is:

– a list of your customers’ email addresses

– a prize for the prize draw (for example, amazon vouchers)

Prices start at £750 for the full package. Plus, if you want to run repeat waves of the survey prices begin at just £450.